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EVENTS: MCKC Agility Stars

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Rally is an offshoot from the AKC’s Obedience Program. Teams complete a 10-20 sign course designed by the judge at their own pace. Each of these stations provides instructions for the next skill to be performed. And the Team is scored based on a perfect score of 100, how well they perform the tasks.

AKC Obedience Competitions are open to all AKC registered dogs, which now CAN even include mixed breed dogs, through AKC’s Canine Partner’s program.


The American Kennel Club oversees Obedience Competitions all over the country, sponsored by the local and national clubs. Dog and Handler Teams are judged on how well they perform set exercises which vary in complexity by class. There is a standard of perfection for every component of each exercise. Perfect 200 scores are rare. And the Judge deducts points for every variation from “perfection.”


Agility is the fastest growing Dogsport Discipline. It appeals to participants and spectators alike. Teams navigate an obstacle course. Placements are assigned based on time less “mistakes” made along the way. The activity provides great exercise for dog and handler alike and is a fine example of what dogs and people can do together.

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