APRIL 4, 2018

 Welcome, please silence phones, no cross-talk this meeting is entirely about the upcoming show in May.


o   Puppy 4-6 Sat., SPPD K-9 demo Sunday both at lunch.

o   Pinecrest HS JROTC and Trombone Tri doing National Anthem both days. 

o   Village is a forever sponsor. 

o   Live streaming the Derby, Hat contest and BBQ all on Saturday after BIS.

o   Email sent to members to prepay BBQ.

o   We need volunteers to work the show starting Wed. thru Sunday. 

o   Members please wear green and white (club colors) for easy ID by public.

o   Thank you all for coming we had a great turn out tonight.


o   Xander & Pam Flowe have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he is interested in Juniors.

o   Mary Wood has a Logotti Romangnoli and a Berger Picard. 

o   Michelle Porfido breeds Vizslas for conformation, field, agility and obedience.

·        President asked to go around the table and everyone introduce themselves, what their breed is and what their interest is.


o   Nancy Wargas just had a breeder from Sweden buy a puppy. 

o   Jane Hammett Bright won 4 majors in Raleigh, new champion is already a GCH and has been asked to be used on K9 college. 

o   Jeffery Cade her dog the "Serial Killer" got a chicken!

Meeting closed 8:05pm Sioux Forsyth-Green motioned, Karolynne Mcateer 2nd, all in favor.


MCKC Members Meeting
March 7, 2018

Meeting opened at 7pm

Minutes read from last meeting -Motion, second & vote to accept

President’s Report:
·        posters for show being finished, passed around proof, will be printed after 3/13 town meeting
·        (Bill & Pete) to confirm sponsorship.
·        House Keeping, silence phones, no cross talking.
·        SPPD sponsorship, they will be doing demo on Sunday of show during lunch.
·        Pinecrest HS Trombone Trio & Color Guard will present National Anthem both mornings of show.
·        Kentucky Derby on screen @ show- check w/ Randy Pfann,
·        hat contest, food vendors done.
·        Sorry to report the passing of two long time club members Edie Overly and Christiane Rowley. Motion, second and carried to donate to The Walthour-Moss Foundation in memory of Edie Overly for $250.00.
·        Web site looks great
·        Question on Barker.
·        Not too early to present ideas for 2019 show.

Membership committee-
·        nothing to report, not actively pursuing people, nothing to offer, poor communication and no programs.
o   President promised that communication issues are getting better and he will personally have a program for the June meeting with advertising.

Old Business- none

New Business-none


o   Jane Hammett- shelty puppy finished the week before the Garden, got a select at the garden and 3 BOS at specialties.

o   Beth Dowd- "Angus" got a group 3 @ Westminster Kennel Club

o   Lisa Schrank- 9 mo. Irish setter puppy doing great things and being shown at specialties.

 Adjourn 7:41 pm


February 7, 2018

Meeting opened President Pete Green, recording Secretary Sioux Forsyth-Green 7:00pm

President Report-

·       Reading last minutes, motioned Jeffery Cade, 2nd Lisa Schrank, unanimous.
·       Listed BOD and Officers.
·       Royal Canin to be the official show sponsor, along with the Village of Pinehurst.
·       Tents, tables, etc. ordered.
·       Southern Pines Police Department received donated check and has agreed to do a demonstration at our May Show.

Corresponding Secretary- Redesigned web site

Treasurers Report- handed out last 3 mos. reports

·        no new members.
·       Programs to be organized by Vice President Patty Pace. 
·       Tiffany to call members why not attending meetings

No old business

No new business

·       Kathy Balestrieri has a new dog, Great Dane puppy.
·       Ellen Pfann’s German Shepherd Dog, Brielle, got the first 2pts toward her Obedience Trial Championship by taking a 3rd in Utility B at the Charlotte Dog Training Club’s Trials. An Obedience Trial Championship is awarded after a dog earns 100 points and 3 wins out of Utility B and Open B.

Motion to close meeting Sioux Forsyth-Green, 2nd Ellen Pfann, closed 7:38

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