Moore County Kennel Club
serving the interests of purebred dogs since 1989!


November 7, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 by President, Patty Pace.

The October minutes as published in the Barker were approved as written. 

The President reported that she and Ellen were working on a schedule of meetings for the coming year with some non-traditional topics and meeting venues.  Member input was solicited.

It was announced that Nancy Vargas' husband has passed away and a card was distributed to be signed by the membership.

Patty reported on the success of the recent agility trial and the new agreement that the club underwrite a paid assistant to Sandy Fisher for handling the food during the trials.  Sandy has been managing all the administrative details for these trials, with the exception of entries gratis for several years and as the trials have grown, so has the work.  The estimated cost would be under $50/day.   It should be noted that MCKC is a non-profit organization so all excess revenues are donated to canine related charities.   This information should be shared with each trial and/or show event. The next show is January 18-20.  

Treasurer, Betty Chapman distributed the report for October 2018 financial activities which showed a current available balance of $59,996.14.  Two outstanding bills for the remainder of the year include (1) support for Mira and the Southern Pines Police dogs and (2) underwriting approximately $10/person for the holiday party in December.  The treasury audit of years 2015,2016 and 2017 performed by Tiffany Teeters, Ruth Iverson and Don Bierer was completed with no corrections noted.

It was announced that the treasurer/recording secretary is resigning at the end of the 2018 year.  New duties will be assigned as follows: Ruth Iverson, treasurer; Mary Wood, recording secretary; director Jane Hammett Bright.  

Lisa Schrank distributed memberships lists to those present.  It was announced that the February 2017 revised Constitution and Bylaws document is available to the membership online.

Lisa announced the plans for the December 5th holiday dinner to be held at the Table on the Green (regular meeting area restaurant) and took orders for baby back pork ribs and salmon.  Cost to members is $25 with written invitations to follow. 

Bill Pace reported that there continued to be a need for dog show volunteers as well as sponsorships and vendors.   If you can assist, please contact him. 


Mary Wood reported that her Berger Picard completed her therapy dog test as well as Trick Dog Novice certificate.  This dog is also taking acting classes and learning to skateboard!   Her dog, Mac, a Lagotto Romagnolo, starts class Tuesday as an enthusiastic agility student.

Ellen Pfann reported that Brielle had 2 high combined scores on weekend recently, was high in trial at the St. Louis Specialty, completed her obedience master title and took 2nd and 3rd at the National Specialty as well as obtaining her 8th UDX  leg.

The practice of charging $1 for a brag was discontinued by the treasurer for 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25.

Meeting adjourned.

Betty Chapman, Recording Secretary

October 2, 2018 Member Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Karolynne McAteer at 7:PM

Business was dispensed with the meeting  devoted to the presentation of Sally Sasser, long time Labrador Retriever breeder, handler and judge.   Sally spoke to the essential element of a properly bred and trained retriever.  She pointed out the different between the structure and functions of the conformation lab and the field lab.  Historical differences were highlighted.   The membership had numerous questions and comment during this engaging presentation.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:20PM.

Recording Secretary,
Betty Chapman

September 5, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Karolynne McAteer at 7 PM.   She reminded the club that although the mission of the club was the promotion and protection of the purebred dogs in Moore County, the club was the "champion of all dogs".   To further that point she reviewed the charitable donations that the club has provided to local entities since 2010 the largest three including: $36,000 to Central Carolina Community College Vet Tech scholarships, $17000 to the Spay/Neuter Clinic of the Sandhills, and $15,000 to the Pet Responsibility Committee.   Other recipients include NC State Vet Scholarships, Take the Lead Foundation, War Dogs, MIRA, Southern Pines Police Dogs and various disaster relief efforts.

The regular meeting agenda was dispensed with to allow for more time for the guest speaker, Mark Desrosiers, our AKC Executive Field Representative. Mark distributed an AKC document entitled: "Additional Sports and Attractions for Your AKC Club, after which he discussed those he thought most appropriate to add to the May Conformation show. 

FSS:  The Foundation Stock Show.  He suggested that the Saturday and Sunday shows become "open shows" that would allow a simultaneous entry for those breeds registered as FSS.   

Match:  The AKC now allows matches to occur concurrently with the regular shows.  The members expressed considerable interest in this possibility.

Dock Diving:   Membership looked into this previously and determined it not cost effective.

Fast Cat: a 100-yard dash event that is in chase of a lure.  Entry requires a PAL number and must enter in advance.   

Scent Work:  AKC titles available at several levels.   A very popular event that fills rapidly in early registration.

Also mentioned were Rally, 4 to 6 month competition, trick dog, barn hunt, CGC Testing, PeeWee, Fly Ball

The AKC provides a contact in the Club Development department (Guy) that can help clubs develop any of these events.

Ellen Pfann asked Mark whether the AKC could assist with obtaining airline accommodations at hub airports for transporting dogs to major shows.   She will send him additional details about how this might work.

A request was made for the AKC to improve their training for Club Conflict Resolution.   Mark responded that a video has been updated recently for this purpose. 

Several unpaid brags were submitted:  Ellen reported her GSD went back to back high in trial at the Winston Salem shows.   Ursula reported that George, her 10 year old Norwich Terrier agility dog has been accepted for the AKC Invitational in December, Karolynne reported her Irish Setter, Zack won his championship at the NE Sporting show and Nona reported that the Central Carolina Community College which the club and she donate to annually has invited her to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Vet Tech building in which a room has been named in her honor!!!

Meeting adjourned at 8:20.
Betty Chapman, Recording Secretary

August 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm
  • June 2018 minutes absent
  • Jane Hammett asked for a correction to the June minutes that both she and Brenda Lewis were Founding Members.
Old Business – none

New Business
  • 50’ x 220’ tent for our 2019 show approved by board.

  • Need Chairman for Vendors for the 2019 show

  • Need Chairman for Parking for our 2019 show

  • AKC Field Representative Mark Desrosierswill make a presentation at the Sept 5th meeting. Please submit any questions or subjects to Patty Pace that you would like him to cover ahead of that meeting, so he can be prepared. There will be a quick General meeting at 6:45pm with the presentation beginning at 7pm.
  • Labrador breeder and Judge Sally Sasser will give a presentation on The Labrador Retriever at the Oct 3rd meeting. There will be a quick General meeting at 6:45pm with the presentation starting at 7pm.
  • Patty Pace asked for volunteers to sign up for a month to arrange a presentation. Right now, we need a presentation for the November, January, and March meetings.
  • Kathy Balestrieri motion to close the meeting. Lisa Shrank second.

Meeting called at 7:23pm


(Pending adoption by Membership)
Meeting Called to Order at 6:59 PM
·         Waive reading from last meeting – all that was discussed was the dog show.
·         Upcoming Agility Show at Bon Clyde June 7-10
o    CALL TO ACTION: Still need volunteers. If you can help, call Ursula Walsh.
Pet Responsibility Committee
o    CALL TO ACTION: if you wish to participate, contact Ursula Walsh
·         Randy Pfann has resigned from MCKC and Board of Directors. The Club thanks him for his service.
·         Ruth Iverson will fill vacancy left by Randy.
·         Ellen Mantel Pfann resigned and later asked the Board to rescind her resignation.
o    Board voted to rescind Ellen Pfann’s resignation, and she will continue as Corresponding Secretary, Webmaster, Facebook Administrator.
o    POINT OF ORDER by Jefferie Cade. Club bylaws say that the Board must vote to accept a resignation – board never so voted, so Ellen never resigned.
·         Sioux Forsyth Green has resigned.
·         CALL TO ACTION: New Recording Secretary is needed. Under current Club By-Laws, cannot be current Corresponding Secretary
o    Jefferie Cade volunteered to step up.
o    POINT OF ORDER: This is an elected position vacated midyear – so Board must vote to approve Jefferie Cade as Recording Secretary, and this can be done at their next meeting.
·         Discussion of whether Membership Chair (Lisa Schrank) must be a Board Member.
o    POINT OF ORDER: Current CBL says Membership is Chairperson position and need not be a Board Member
·         July 4th is a Wednesday, which is also the next regularly scheduled meeting. Betty Chapman and Beth Verner have graciously offered to hold the meeting and a BBQ inside their lovely home. An email with details to follow.


·         Dog Show earned $4,700.

·         Thanked all that helped to make the dog show special
·         Next year possibility of income producing events at no additional cost to club: Lure Coursing and Barn Hunt.
·         CALL TO ACTION: Nona Burrell has requested Board to put a Pilot Ad announcing Judging Schedule, Microchipping and Rabies Vaccination programs in issues immediately preceding the event.


Second Reading for Pamela Flow and her son Zander.
o    Approved by Board.
o    Peter Green motioned to approve.
o    Carried Unanimously.

First Reading for Wilbur and Marybeth Schrum of Raeford.

o    Second Reading may occur in July or August.

Recognized Brenda Lewis and Jane Hammett Bright as the two FOUNDING Members of MCKC in attendance.

Carol Dowd: Fun Dog Show to benefit the Walthour Moss Foundation on Saturday, June 9, 9-12. CLICK HERE for more information.
Ellen Mantel Pfann announced Audrey Ebert Mantel, a long-time member of the Moore County Kennel Club passed away on May 19, 2018.
Peter Green resigned. Ellen Mantel Pfann thanked him on behalf of the MCKC for the months of work he committed to the club.

Meeting Adjourned 7:54 PM.


 APRIL 4, 2018

 Welcome, please silence phones, no cross-talk this meeting is entirely about the upcoming show in May.


o   Puppy 4-6 Sat., SPPD K-9 demo Sunday both at lunch.

o   Pinecrest HS JROTC and Trombone Tri doing National Anthem both days. 

o   Village is a forever sponsor. 

o   Live streaming the Derby, Hat contest and BBQ all on Saturday after BIS.

o   Email sent to members to prepay BBQ.

o   We need volunteers to work the show starting Wed. thru Sunday. 

o   Members please wear green and white (club colors) for easy ID by public.

o   Thank you all for coming we had a great turn out tonight.


o   Xander & Pam Flowe have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he is interested in Juniors.

o   Mary Wood has a Logotti Romangnoli and a Berger Picard. 

o   Michelle Porfido breeds Vizslas for conformation, field, agility and obedience.

·        President asked to go around the table and everyone introduce themselves, what their breed is and what their interest is.


o   Nancy Wargas just had a breeder from Sweden buy a puppy. 

o   Jane Hammett Bright won 4 majors in Raleigh, new champion is already a GCH and has been asked to be used on K9 college. 

o   Jeffery Cade her dog the "Serial Killer" got a chicken!

Meeting closed 8:05pm Sioux Forsyth-Green motioned, Karolynne Mcateer 2nd, all in favor.


MCKC Members Meeting
March 7, 2018

Meeting opened at 7pm

Minutes read from last meeting -Motion, second & vote to accept

President’s Report:
·        posters for show being finished, passed around proof, will be printed after 3/13 town meeting
·        (Bill & Pete) to confirm sponsorship.
·        House Keeping, silence phones, no cross talking.
·        SPPD sponsorship, they will be doing demo on Sunday of show during lunch.
·        Pinecrest HS Trombone Trio & Color Guard will present National Anthem both mornings of show.
·        Kentucky Derby on screen @ show- check w/ Randy Pfann,
·        hat contest, food vendors done.
·        Sorry to report the passing of two long time club members Edie Overly and Christiane Rowley. Motion, second and carried to donate to The Walthour-Moss Foundation in memory of Edie Overly for $250.00.
·        Web site looks great
·        Question on Barker.
·        Not too early to present ideas for 2019 show.

Membership committee-
·        nothing to report, not actively pursuing people, nothing to offer, poor communication and no programs.
o   President promised that communication issues are getting better and he will personally have a program for the June meeting with advertising.

Old Business- none

New Business-none


o   Jane Hammett- shelty puppy finished the week before the Garden, got a select at the garden and 3 BOS at specialties.

o   Beth Dowd- "Angus" got a group 3 @ Westminster Kennel Club

o   Lisa Schrank- 9 mo. Irish setter puppy doing great things and being shown at specialties.

 Adjourn 7:41 pm


February 7, 2018

Meeting opened President Pete Green, recording Secretary Sioux Forsyth-Green 7:00pm

President Report-

·       Reading last minutes, motioned Jeffery Cade, 2nd Lisa Schrank, unanimous.
·       Listed BOD and Officers.
·       Royal Canin to be the official show sponsor, along with the Village of Pinehurst.
·       Tents, tables, etc. ordered.
·       Southern Pines Police Department received donated check and has agreed to do a demonstration at our May Show.

Corresponding Secretary- Redesigned web site

Treasurers Report- handed out last 3 mos. reports

·        no new members.
·       Programs to be organized by Vice President Patty Pace. 
·       Tiffany to call members why not attending meetings

No old business

No new business

·       Kathy Balestrieri has a new dog, Great Dane puppy.
·       Ellen Pfann’s German Shepherd Dog, Brielle, got the first 2pts toward her Obedience Trial Championship by taking a 3rd in Utility B at the Charlotte Dog Training Club’s Trials. An Obedience Trial Championship is awarded after a dog earns 100 points and 3 wins out of Utility B and Open B.

Motion to close meeting Sioux Forsyth-Green, 2nd Ellen Pfann, closed 7:38