Moore County Kennel Club
serving the interests of purebred dogs since 1989!

Military War Dogs: 

Providing training aids to our service dogs


January 2019

The Moore County Kennel Club donated $1000 to the Southern Pines K-9 Unit. The donation will be used for a Heat Sensor for their Police Car. If the cooling system malfunctions while the human officers are away, the new sensor will alert them so they can retrieve their K-9.


Sergeant Jason Embler,

K-9 Ivy (Belgian Malinois),

Chief Temme,

Officer Kevin Dean,

Moore County Kennel Club President Patty Pace,

Deputy Chief Polidori.

Scholarships for Veterinary students and Veterinary  technicians at NC State University and Central Carolina Community College respectively

Southern Pines Police Department K-9 Unit

Spay and Neuter Clinic of the Sandhills: provides affordable Spay/Neuter services to  animal shelters and individuals in need



Provides Guide dogs to blind children.

Disaster Relief

through the auspices of the AKC.

Pet Responsibility Education

of 4th Graders in Moore County, NC

Take The Lead Foundation:

A Support Foundation for individuals that have competed in with Pure Bred Dogs who find themselves in need. 

​​Moore County Kennel Club is proud of the ways we serve our community.

We support donate to dog-related efforts that make a difference.