Lunch Crew:

No experience necessary.

Responsible for setting out the Buffet Lunch the club provides for Trial Workers. Light Cleaning required for any spills and disposing remains and paper products when it is time to pack things up. At the end of the shift, you will pack up leftover food to the refrigerator.

Must enjoy hearing war stories from hungry competitors and instructing each to enjoy their lunch.

Leash Runners

No experience necessary.

Responsible for standing to the side as each competitor enters the ring, picking up the leash they drop near the start gate and walking it over to the finish gate while they are running their race.

Must enjoy the tongue in cheek reference to running - when all you're really doing is walking.

Bar Setters

No experience necessary.

Responsible for changing jump heights on marked jumps, and resetting the jumps when they have been knocked down. A chair is provided for you at your station, because it could be a while between times you are needed.

Course Builders

Assist an experienced Course Builder by helping to move equipment  to adjust the courses between classes. As the name suggests, you must be in good shape and able to pick up or roll easy to move items with the assistance of others.

Volunteer Job Descriptions


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